4 Best Shabby Chic Table Centerpieces To Try

4 Best Shabby Chic Table Centerpieces To Try

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Best Shabby Chic Table Centerpieces

Are you searching for the best Shabby Chic Table Centerpieces to try this year? Well, for your holiday table, you should begin decorating by adding some centerpieces. It depends on you what kind of decorations you want. This might be one long centerpiece or multiple decorations for the middle of a larger dining room table. These centerpiece ideas you will find here are for both shabby chic and Christmas styles.

Shabby Chic Table Centerpieces

4 Best Shabby Chic Table Centerpieces That Is Worth Trying

1. Add Christmas Ornaments or Pinecones to a Big Bowl

If you are looking for the simplest and least expensive décor items for your table centerpiece, then this is the one you should try. It works with any style of Christmas décor, so for shabby chic, you are just changing the overall style and color of the bowl and what goes inside of it.


Shabby Chic Table Centerpieces

If you can find an old wooden bowl, that is perfect for this. You can also use any white or silver bowl you have. Fill it with pinecones spray painted white or another shabby chic color like light green or pastel pink. You can also just fill it with ornaments of these same colors. Ball ornaments in white or silver often work very well for this type of centerpiece.


2. Create Beautiful Twinkle Light Mason Jars

Mason jars are great to be displayed on the table. This is because on their own they already fit in with the shabby chic style and also they have been around for a long time. By just using them in your décor will make them appropriate for this Christmas decorating décor style.


Shabby Chic Table Centerpieces

To be more specific to Christmas, fill large mason jars with strings of twinkle lights. You can either get shorter strings that use batteries for the lights instead of being plugged in, or you can drill holes in the bottom so that you can pull out the lights and plug them in somewhere near the table. Just bring the cord underneath the table runner so it isn’t obvious, then connect them to a nearby outlet.

Shabby Chic Table Centerpieces

3. Create a Mini Christmas Village

Another one from the Shabby Chic Table Centerpieces is to have a Christmas village. But you should only have enough for a small one, placing it on your dining table is perfect. You can create that small shabby chic village by putting it on a vintage-style cake platter.

Shabby Chic Table Centerpieces

There are clear cake platters, or you might even find one in a distressed white color or silver. Just add some snow to the platter, then add some houses, buildings, and people, and your village is ready for Christmas.

4. Use a Distressed Planter for your Christmas Flowers

If you want to use Christmas flowers as the centerpiece, you may not want a modern flower vase or classic red and green Christmas vase. Instead, you can get a vase or planter and spray paint it a white color, then add some distressing elements. You can also use an older wooden planter for this purpose.

Shabby Chic Table Centerpieces

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