4 Great Tips For Decorating Your Christmas Mantle

4 Great Tips For Decorating Your Christmas Mantle

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Here you will find 4 Great Tips For Decorating Your Christmas Mantle. In fact, one of the most commonly decorated areas of a home for Christmas is the mantle. This is because near the mantle, all your guests and you will feel more comfortable to sit and enjoy, as there it will be warmer. This is not only where you will hang your stockings, but it is the perfect place to set decorative items as well. The following tips will help you decorate your Christmas mantle in the shabby chic theme.Great Tips For Decorating Your Christmas Mantle

4 Great Tips For Decorating Your Christmas Mantle

1. Use Wood Frames Instead Of Your Usual Picture Frames

Decorating the mantle is not that difficult. For example, if you have pictures on your mantle, and many people do, you don’t have to take them down just because it is Christmas. Instead, keep the pictures up, but switch out the frames. Even if you already have shabby chic-friendly frames, now is a great time to put away the white frames and bring out some distressed wood ones.

This really adds a fun look to your mantle where the rest of your shabby chic Christmas décor is probably white, silver, and pastel colors. It gives some nature to your mantle without getting too far from the shabby chic look you want to acquire. For a bit of fun, you can even switch out the pictures and replace them with pictures of angels, snowmen, Santa and Mrs. Clause, as if they were friends and family members.


2. Create a Christmas Village on the Mantle

Another thing that we have noticed is that many people create a Christmas village and put it on a table, but why not put it right on your mantle? It keeps it high enough to be away from kids or cats who are a little too curious, as well as being in a room where your family probably spends a lot of time during the holidays. Not only that, it is a convenient place to spread around twinkle lights and plug them in, allowing you to easily illuminate your shabby chic-style Christmas village.

3. Make Use of Vintage Items on the Mantle

You can also adopt for more traditional decorating of the mantle where you might want to use various decorative accessories and figurines. For a shabby chic look, try to find items that are vintage or at least have that old-fashioned look to them.

Some items that work perfectly include an old pair of white ice skates, vintage milk jugs and bottles, or Santa Clause figures that have the old dress as opposed to the bright red dress and hat of the more modern styles.

4. Add Spray Painted Bottle Brush Trees To Your Decorations

Furthermore, the final one in the 4 Great Tips For Decorating Your Christmas Mantle list is this idea. You will find that bottle brush trees are really popular during Christmas since they are inexpensive and always add a fun element. However, instead of the bold green ones, you can either get them in white and other pastel colors, or spray paint them yourself. Spread them around your mantle in between other decorative items.

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