Clean Eating Weight Loss Ideas For Healthy Lifestyle

Clean Eating Weight Loss Ideas For Healthy Lifestyle

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Clean Eating Weight Loss Ideas are what you need if you want to be healthy. Switching to a clean diet that consists of real food, plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean meat and whole grains will put you on the right track to a healthy weight. But there are a few things you can do to speed things up. This is particularly important if you have a lot of weight to lose or are pre-diabetic.

Clean Eating Weight Loss Ideas

Clean Eating Weight Loss Ideas

Clean Eating Weight Loss Ideas 1 – Watch The Sweeteners

Clean eating cuts out all white sugar and artificial sweeteners. Natural sweeteners like honey, agave syrup and maple syrup are usually allowed though. While they are fine to use in moderation, be careful about not going overboard. Replacing your sugary treats with “clean” versions that contain just as many natural sugars won’t help you lose the weight and isn’t good for your blood sugar.

Clean Eating Weight Loss Ideas 2 – Careful With Carbs

One of the best ways to lose excess weight is to curb carbohydrate consumption. Fill your plate with low carb, non-starchy vegetables, add a few berries and go easy on the potatoes.

Tracking carbohydrate consumption for a few days can help you get a feel for what clean foods are high in carbs and how lowering your carbohydrate intake makes you feel.

Clean Eating Weight Loss Ideas 3 – Plenty of Protein And Healthy Fat To Stay Full

With sugars and carbs out of the way, what should you eat?

After all a big salad will only satisfy you for so long. Make it up with plenty of lean protein and healthy fats. Both take a longer time to digest and will help you stay full.


Include things like chicken, low fat cottage cheese, Greek Yogurt, ground turkey etc. with each meal or snack. Nuts are another great option full of healthy fats. Be careful of portion sizes though. The same holds true for healthy fats like cold-pressed olive oil or avocados.

Clean Eating Weight Loss Ideas 4 – Don’t Forget The Water

Often we think we’re hungry when we’re actually thirsty. Try drinking a glass of water first. Not only will it fill you up with zero calories, staying well hydrated also makes it easier for your body to process body fat into energy your body can use. In other words, drink your water and melt that fat right of your body.

Clean Eating Weight Loss Ideas 5 – Move Around More

Eating the right type of food in appropriate portions will make a huge difference when it comes to your weight. But so will moving around. We’re not talking about heading to the gym each day or going for a 5 mile run. While those are great options, even moving around just a little more can have a positive impact.

Go for a short walk after dinner, park a little further away at the mall or dance around the kitchen to your favorite music. Not only will this burn extra calories, it also puts you in a better mood and kicks your metabolism into high gear.

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