Cute Shopkins Girls Strawberry Kiss Halloween Costume

Cute Shopkins Girls Strawberry Kiss Halloween Costume

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Shopkins Girls Strawberry Kiss Halloween Costume is very beautiful and most girls will wish to dress up in them. Although Shopkins may not have their own movies or television shows, they have become very popular among young girls. Shopkins are small, collectable toys that are modeled after common shopping items, but with cute human traits. These human traits are typically eyes, a nose, a mouth, arms, and legs. For example, one of the Shopkins figures is a purse with a winking face and makeup on. The Shopkins are all given cute, clever names as well. For example, the purse’s name is Handbag Harriet, and the cauliflower’s name is Chloe Flower.

Shopkins Girls Strawberry Kiss Halloween Costume

Cute Shopkins Girls Strawberry Kiss Halloween Costume Will Be Loved By Many

Shopkins Girls Strawberry Kiss Halloween Costume And Other Shopkins Costumes

Many young girls now want to dress up as their favorite Shopkin for Halloween. Given that there are over 1200 different Shopkins available, costume creators couldn’t make one for each Shopkin. Instead, there are costumes available for the most popular Shopkins.

Most of the costumes available don’t make you look exactly like the Shopkin, but are really more like dresses styled after the Shopkin with its face on the front. You can see three of them below such as Shopkins Kookie Cookie Classic CostumeShopkins Lippy Lips Classic Costume and Shopkins Cheeky Chocolate Classic Costume. Just click on the images for more info.

They also usually come with a hair accessory of some kind that matches the color and style of the Shopkin that the dress is based on. These costumes are also only really available in child sizes, not toddlers or adults. The costume you are seeing below is the Shopkins Queen Cupcake Classic Costume.

Shopkins Girls Strawberry Kiss Halloween Costume

One of the most popular Shopkins costumes is the Strawberry Kiss costume. As her name would imply, Strawberry Kiss is an animate strawberry. The costume is a red sleeveless dress, coming just above the knee if fitted right.

Around the waist, there’s green mesh fabric acting as the leaves at the top of a strawberry. In the middle of the torso, there’s Strawberry Kiss’ face just as it is on the figure.

The hairband that comes with it looks like the top part of a strawberry, as well. Along the skirt of the dress, there are shiny circles, acting as seeds on the outside of a strawberry.



Shopkins Apple Blossom Costume

Another very popular Shopkins character is Apple Blossom.

Apple Blossom is modeled after a Granny Smith apple. The whole dress is light green, just like the apple. The torso and inner skirt of the dress are made out of a slightly shiny material, while the outer dress and short sleeves are made out of mesh.

The mesh part of the dress is also covered in sparkles. The hairband that comes with it looks like the stem and leaf that come out of the top of an apple. Just like the Strawberry Kiss costume, the Apple Blossom costume has the face of the figurine on the front of the torso.




These Shopkins Costumes are amazing. The girls will definitely wish to wear one of them on Halloween.

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