Homemade Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece Ideas – DIY

Homemade Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece Ideas – DIY

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Homemade Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece Ideas

Homemade Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece Ideas are what you need to decorate your home. On Thanksgiving, the centerpiece you have for your table says a great deal to your guests and family members. When it’s a homemade centerpiece, it can be a conversation starter, and it shows your guests you care enough to invest some time in them. Here are some homemade centerpiece ideas for your Thanksgiving table.


Homemade Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece Ideas

Homemade Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece Ideas 1 – Winter Squash Vases

Go beyond the pumpkin for these lovely vases made from butternut squash.

* Cut the top inch or so off of a butternut squash, and use a paring knife to dig/cut out the insides. Beware: butternut squash flesh is rather hard. So the best way to accomplish this is to use the paring knife to cut progressively-deeper circles around the inside edge of the squash neck.

* Once you get down to the bulbous seed chamber, you can scoop those out with a spoon.

* Then, add water and seasonal flowers such as mums, straw flowers, and berry sprays.

If you make several of these, choose squash of various sizes and/or cut the squash so that you have an arrangement of different heights.

Homemade Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece Ideas 2 – Three Little Pumpkins

Have you ever been at the farmer’s market or grocery store, and wanted an excuse to buy those little pumpkins?

Now you have one! You’ll need three small pumpkins (about the size of a cantaloupe) for this project.

You’ll also need:

* Hot glue
* Buttons
* Fabric ribbon in holiday colors, about half an inch wide
* Curly ribbon in holiday colors
* Hat pins with pearl heads
* White glue or decoupage medium
* Fabric scraps in holiday colors

You can take these basic supplies and make three pumpkins that are the same, or three pumpkins that vary in design.

Here are some general guidelines for the decorations, and you can apply them how you wish.

* Attach ribbons vertically to each pumpkin using white glue or decoupage medium.

* Coat the ribbon strips with glue, running your finger along the ribbon to scrape off excess.

* Attach strips from the base of the stem to the bottom center of the pumpkin.

* Cut squares of fabric and attach to the pumpkin with decoupage medium.

* Arrange another square on top of the first in a sideways fashion, so the corners of the first piece are showing.

* Then attach a button to the center of this arrangement using one of the pearl-top pins.

* Decorate the pumpkin stems (and cover up your fabric ribbon ends) with curly ribbon.

Homemade Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece Ideas 3 – Swan Gourds

Look at the market for long, thin-necked gourds in various sizes. Make sure they have the stems attached – these will be the swans’ bills.

In addition to these, you’ll need:

* Grapevine wreath (the swans’ nest)
* Craft paint and/or permanent marker
* Pine cones, acorns, berries, and other “nest-like” decorations from nature
* Raffia
* Hot glue

* All you need to do is use a little craft paint or even a permanent marker to create eyes on the swans on the stem end. You can do some with eye lashes, others with colorful eyes – however you wish.

* Tie raffia ribbons around the swans’ necks and nestle them in the grapevine wreath (which you will need to lay sideways).

* Arrange acorns, twigs, and so forth around them and attach with hot glue.

That’s it, you are done with your Homemade Table Centerpiece for Thanksgiving.

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