How To Beautifully Organize Your Bathrooms Easily

How To Beautifully Organize Your Bathrooms Easily

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How To Beautifully Organize Your Bathrooms 

Today, we are going to show you how to beautifully organize your bathrooms the easiest way. So, get ready to work on your guest baths, half baths and the kid’s bathrooms.

How To Beautifully Organize Your Bathrooms 

How To Beautifully Organize Your Bathrooms Is Not That Difficult

You just have to start with the easiest, the smallest and work your way to the tough one. We always get excited when we buy a new house until we realize that having 2 to 3 bathrooms means we have to clean 2 to 3 bathrooms!

This means loads of work to do but this doesn’t mean that it’s difficult. What you must do is just start working on it without thinking. This is because if you start thinking that you have a lot to do, then you are already discouraging yourself.

So, let’s start

* Empty the drawers, cabinets and any closets.

* Sort through everything and toss old lotions, dried up nail polishes and sample hotel soaps from that vacation two years ago.

* Use nice containers or baskets to store the items neatly, including extra toilet paper. There is no reason to have half used rolls and plastic packaging just sitting under the sink. Put the rolls in a nice basket for yourself and for guests.

* Then, take a few minutes to clean before you repeat this process for every bathroom. There is no excuse for stuff to be left out. Even bath toys can be stored in a plastic container instead of just strewn about in the bathtub.

* Take this time to give the toilets a really good scrubbing and maybe toss a product in the back of the tank that keeps them clean for the next 30 days.

If you keep your bathrooms clean and organized, this will make your life easier in the long run. If you want, you can even treat yourself to some nice, new bath towels in a vibrant color to celebrate.

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