How To Make Your Holidays Evergreen In 3 Ways

How To Make Your Holidays Evergreen In 3 Ways

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Everyone loves holidays and definitely you would want to know how to make your holidays evergreen. For that you need evergreen holiday decoration ideas. One of the wonderful things about holiday decorations is that so many of them can be made from recyclables. 

How To Make Your Holidays Evergreen

How To Make Your Holidays Evergreen Is What You Really Need To Know

How To Make Your Holidays Evergreen With Eco-Friendly Holidays Decoration Ideas

By just making your own ornaments and decorations instead of buying them is green in itself. In fact, it doesn’t really need to be a plastic water bottle to make them. Accept this change right now and put the “green” in “evergreen” this holiday season with these amazing green and eco-friendly decorating ideas for the holidays.

Christmas Trees

Some people love to have Artificial Christmas Trees whereas most people want to have Natural Christmas Trees. There are eco-friendly arguments for artificial trees as well as natural ones, but it’s generally agreed that a live tree with a root ball is the most environmentally-friendly choice for live trees. However, you can bypass this dilemma by making your own tree. It’s not that difficult as you just have to follow the step to step instructions.

Here are some ideas.

1. Choose a wall.

* Run strings of lights downward in a tree shape (use LEDs if you can).

* You can use a recycled paper star for the top, and even attach lightweight ornaments to the light strands.

2. Use embroidery hoops of varying sizes covered in green cloth. 

* Arrange them on a wall in a tree shape – large ones along the bottom, for example, then smaller toward the top.

* You can insert most ornament hooks right into the fabric to decorate.

3. Use wooden boards of gradually shorter lengths to make a tree shape.

* Nail them to a sturdy stand such as a 2×4 mounted to a wood X shape.

* Nail the longest board horizontally near the bottom, then follow with the next-longest board, and so on until you reach the top.

* Leave space between each board.

* Then you can paint the tree and/or attach screw eyes to the boards to hang the ornaments.

Nature’s Bounty

There are so many ways to use nature’s bounty to make holiday decorations. For example:

* You can make frozen luminaries using two different plastic containers (one small and one large yogurt container).

* Place autumn leaves in the large one and fill it 2/3 full of water, and then put a few rocks in the small container and put it in the middle.

* When you freeze this arrangement and unmold it, you end up with frozen autumn leaves in a block of ice that has a hollow at the top from where you removed the small, rock-filled container.

* You put a candle in this hollow and light it up.

* You can also fill clear glass containers with pine cones, acorns, and holly berries.

* Alternatively, you can fill clear glass containers with greens like ivy, then pour water over them and float disc-shaped candles or tealights on top.

* Cut natural evergreens and bring them into your home and office to decorate, creating a lovely smell and look.

Twigs and Branches

Make a lovely tabletop tree.

* Insert curvy, interesting branches into a vase or cup.

* Then hang eco-friendly ornaments from it, such as painted (or unpainted) toilet paper tubes, old CDs (cut into interesting shapes if you have the tools), and even beverage cans in seasonal colors.

* You can also paint acorns and use those to brighten up your twig tree.

So, why not brighten your home or office with a little eco-friendly decorations this year? You will really enjoy it, that’s for sure.

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