Kids Perfect Birthday Gifts For 1 & 2 Years Old

Kids Perfect Birthday Gifts For 1 & 2 Years Old

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Kids Perfect Birthday Gifts For 1 & 2 Years Old list is here. This is the best list ever, so don’t miss it. These Super Cool Toys Ideas will definitely make your kids happy. It’s not good to waste money on those toys which you know will not be used later and will go directly to the bin. So, it’s better to buy toys which will be cherished for long. I have found some of the toys which are really amazing and that will fit kids for 1 and 2 years old. They are affordable and will be very helpful to them. So, don’t spend money on toys which are not to be loved by your kids rather buy those which they were willing to have always.

Kids Perfect Birthday Gifts For 1 & 2 Years Old

Kids Perfect Birthday Gifts For 1 & 2 Years Old – Cool Birthday Gifts For Kids


1 to 2 years old kids love to enjoy with colourful and small toys. In fact, there is a bunch of colourful toys to choose from. This way, you can pick exactly the right one for your child. They are popular ones and affordable too. Puzzles are one of them where they will enjoy the colours, images and shapes. They will learn how to bring them together. They will be motivated to learn new things and also their creative nature will be developed easily. Bring them to work and see how they respond to these amazing puzzles. They can spend hours playing without disturbing you.

Twirlywoos Talking Great Big Hoo Soft Toy

Twirlywoos Talking Great Big Hoo Soft Toy

A Talking Toy!!! Yes, of course but it’s more than just talking!

It can become the perfect cuddle companion of your child. Kids love when you speak to them. They feel that you are showing love, attention and affection to them.

Another way to replace you when you are busy in your kitchen is to get them a Talking Toy just like this Talking Great BigHoo you are seeing in the picture here. It is based from the new CBeebies show, Twirlywoos.

If you press the tummy, you will be able to hear Great BigHoo’s signature sounds. It is made of super soft and textured fabric so this makes easy for your child to hold it.

You can buy these Twirlywoos together as they are super amazing: The Twirlywoos Talking Great Big Hoo Soft ToyTwirlywoos Talking Toodloo Soft Toy + Twirlywoos Talking Chickedy Soft Toy

Melissa & Doug Toys

Melissa & Doug Toys are very famous. They are loved by all the girls as they are so cute. These toys are very helpful as they help kids in their problem-solving skills and more. You can have from activity toys to soft plush toys.



The 2 in 1 Avengers Iron Man Plush Night Light Soft Toy you are seeing below is the one which is cherished mostly. This is a soft toy for the night as it glows beautifully. Your child just have to squeeze it in order for it to glow at night. It comes with 10 minute auto shut off as then the light will automatically fade away. This is an ideal birthday gift for children who are fond of Avengers.



Playhouses and playhuts are ideal to make kids become more active. They can play in it both indoors and outdoors. This encourages them for role and active play in order to spark their imaginations. You can also bring it to the seaside and let them have fun on the beach. 

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