Top Healthy Eating Tips For Morning Sickness

Top Healthy Eating Tips For Morning Sickness

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Top Healthy Eating Tips For Morning Sickness

Top Healthy Eating Tips For Morning Sickness are what you need. One of the hardest things to get through when you are pregnant is morning sickness. Some people truly get it just in the morning, but many others experience it all day, every day. Regardless of how often you experience it and at what times of the day, eating healthy can be a challenge. Here are some tips for surviving morning sickness and continuing to provide your body with the nutrients it needs at the same time.

Top Healthy Eating Tips For Morning Sickness


Top Healthy Eating Tips For Morning Sickness 1 – Eat Every Few Hours

The first way to reduce or prevent morning sickness or anytime sickness is by eating every 2-3 hours throughout the day, starting with right when you get up. If you are prone to morning sickness, have some dry toast or crackers first thing in the morning. Eating regularly throughout the day keeps your tummy full and does wonders for avoiding morning sickness. Don’t worry about the fat and calorie content of your snacks in between meals, but try to choose the healthiest snacks possible. Go with whole grain bread instead of white, try pieces of fruit or cheese, or have some pureed vegetable soup to fill the hunger pangs.

Top Healthy Eating Tips For Morning Sickness 2 – Identify Your Smell Triggers

Everyone with nausea during pregnancy is going to have certain smells that trigger the nausea, and it isn’t always what you expect. When you discover what they are, you can then avoid those smells and hopefully keep away nausea long enough to still enjoy nutritious foods. The smell might be anything from the smell of roast chicken or bacon to citrus fruits or the smell of seafood. You will likely need to avoid these foods since the smell can become overwhelming and quickly cause morning sickness at any time of the day or night.

Top Healthy Eating Tips For Morning Sickness 3 – Avoid Strong, Spicy, or Greasy Foods

Some foods can trigger your nausea during pregnancy not just from the smell, but the content. You shouldn’t eat anything that is too greasy or fatty when you experience morning sickness, since it can make it a lot worse. This means avoiding bacon and fried eggs, tacos, and French fries for a while. The less grease you eat, the better your stomach will be overall. It is also good to avoid these foods since many of them also have a strong odor and flavor. Try to have foods with more of a blander taste, especially during the first trimester when nausea and morning sickness tend to be more severe.

Top Healthy Eating Tips For Morning Sickness 4 – Try Eating Something Chilled

You want to eat healthy foods, but it can be a struggle with bad nausea during pregnancy. Chilled foods often help you feel better and can help stave off nausea and vomiting. There are a few different ways to enjoy chilled foods while also having healthy snacks and meals. One way is to try making popsicles. There are now popsicle makers that allow you to add any fruit or juice you want to molds, then freeze them, and you have yourself a cold treat. Another option is to make a smoothie with lots of ice in the morning, offering a chilled drink to enjoy with fruits, vegetables, milk, and yogurt.

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